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Whatever You Do... Don't Learn These Secrets the Hard Way.
Your running life will be so much easier and more enjoyable when you learn from other runner's mistakes!
The Runner's Field Manual is overflowing with practical tips you'll use every single day ? much of it learned the hard way through real experience! For example...
Dirty or muddy running shoes?
Go ahead, toss 'em in the washing
It might seem crazy, but water won't
hurt them. Your shoes' only true enemy is heat.
(Translation: Do not put them in the dryer.) See
page 67 for the best way to dry out wet shoes.
Brilliant race move!
Try this as you approach an aid station during a race: As you grab the water cup, hook your index finger into it and pinch the sides. This will form a sort of spout, making it easier for you to drink. If the aid station offers both water and a sports drink, don't confuse the two. You definitely don't want to pour sports drink down the back of your neck. We speak from experience here.
Shave seconds off your time!
Use "running the tangents" like so when
you encounter bends and turns on the road. (It
works in real life, too ? try it at the supermarket.
You might bruise a few shins with your cart, but
you'll shave precious time off your
shopping time!)
Got to go?
When you need to go when you're on the road, get as far off the road as possible and stand or squat behind the largest, densest tree or shrub you can find. And make it quick. Most of all, don't squat near this. And whatever you do, don't use it to wipe.
Know the difference!
A balacava is a knit cap designed to cover the neck, head, and (often) chin. Baklava is a sweet Turkish pastry made with nuts and honey. Both items are good, but you never want to get one when you really wanted the other. Get more essential advice on shoes, gear, and apparel, starting on page 47.
Laugh & Learn
The Runner's Field Manual is over- flowing with practical advice for better running... and thanks to RUNNER'S WORLD's own Mark Remy, it's written in a laugh-out-loud, "truth is stranger than fiction" style only runners will understand!
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Proper running
for smooooth,
efficient running.
Page 8

Runner's survival
?what to have
at home, in your cartrunk, and in your race-weekend suitcase. Page 18

Why a jacket with a zipper is your friend in inclement weather. Page 26

Smart tips for running uphill... and down. Page 31

Running on the beach ? it?s fun and rewarding if you follow these 3 simple tips. Page 39

Brilliant organizing tips to keep your running stuff from crowding you out of house and home. Page 68

The runner's shopping list ? section by section of smart picks. Page 76

Can drafting make you run faster? See page 88.

3 simple rules every safety-minded runner should follow: C-P-R. Page 101

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